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In the Tarzana area commercial locksmith services can help you keep your business safe. Our team of experienced and trusted technicians at Universal Lock And Key provide ample commercial security for any type of need you have. There are some tasks that only a skilled commercial locksmith should handle for your business. Our team is just a phone call away from providing you with those services specifically.

When you need repairs, replacements, or emergency help in the Tarzana area, commercial locksmith services from Universal Lock And Key are fast, efficiency, and competitively priced. Call us first.

Providing You with Business Security

We offer a wide range of business locksmith services to meet just about any need you have. When you call our team, we will answer any of your questions. Some of the services we offer include the following.

Commercial Lockout Assistance

If you’re locked out of your location for any reason, our team is happy to respond as quickly as possible. We may be able to successfully open the door so you can access the keys within, for example. We may need to drill through the lock to open it, which would require replacement later. Our goal is always to keep the damage to a minimum.

Business Rekeying Services

People come and go within any business. It is our job to ensure that you always have the best level of commercial security. To do that, you need to rekey your doors frequently. Rekeying helps because it cuts down on the cost of purchasing new locks, but it still provides you with the same level of security.

High-Security Lock Installations

If your building does not have enough commercial security, we can fix that. We offer a variety of types of business security solutions that can provide you with help. This includes the use of high-tech systems, biometric fingerprint locks, electronic combination locks, and even remotely controlled locking doors. Let’s determine what’s best for your location.

Commercial Door Lock Installation and Repair

We’re happy to help you install basic locks as well. If you need door closures, levers, deadbolts, or any other type of door lock, we can help you to do that. We also handle repairs of any type for commercial buildings. We highly recommend calling is to ensure you get professional service here.

Commercial Safes and Cabinet Locks

Whether you need a new safe or locking cabinet established or you need help opening one, call Universal Lock And Key . This is at the heart of your business security and we want to ensure you have the best solutions in place for your business. We’re happy to discuss new systems with you too, such as keyless locks and cam locks.

Master Key Systems

We may recommend master key systems for your business. This is a different type of locking solution for your business that uses two or more levels of keying. The benefit here is that it provides you with more protection and control. That is, you can choose which people can access which areas. We will work with you to discuss the specifics of what you need here to ensure you get the right level of security.

You need an experienced locksmith in Los Angeles. You need a team you can trust. Call Universal Lock And Key . In the Tarzana area, commercial locksmith needs are always met with specific attention to your needs and the urgency of your situation.

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